lechowski / 14.01.2022

Failed to disable or delete a module problem solved at PS17

when I'm going to disable or delete a module following message is returned:

"Error! Could not perform action disable for module undefined"

Solved in this way:

  1. Clear the cache using the appropriate command in Advanced parameters > Performance
  2. Enable debugging (Advanced parameters Performance)
  3. Reload or open the Modules section (Modules > Module Manager)
  4. Delete the contents of the / var / cache / folder (from FTP)
    IMPORTANTyou must delete both / dev and / prod folders
  5. Remove the debug mode

That's all.

Go back to the Modules section and try to deactivate or uninstall a module, it should work.

Note: sometimes enabling the debug mode we may receive an error page with the list of exceptions. This makes it impossible to see the back office. In this case it is necessary to edit manually the configuration file al line 29:



define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);


define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);

Tested on Prestashop and Prestashop